Sales hiring is a Science, not a gamble

Get early access to TrackRec's overlap and success predictability scores and eliminate salesperson mishires. For good.

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Sales hiring hasn't changed in 30 years

Everyone is using the same old tools and methods - yet we all want THE "Special Candidate"

Posting a job is useless

Cross your fingers while spending countless hours looking for the 0.5% relevant profiles

Resumes are dead

"+248% quota achievement"? "#3 rep in Missouri?" Cool, but where's the substance? It's not here.

Traditional hiring processes are failing

You've spent 9 weeks sourcing, screening and interviewing candidates only to see your Top #3 short-list sign someone else's job offer.

Fluffed-out, data-backed Sales recruiting

Recruit your next salesperson with data, confidence, and Predictive Performance Analytics

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Quantify experience, score the overlap

All the info you need Day 1

All the facts and achievements laid in front of you. Instantly get overlap scores + predictive success metrics.

No bias, just performance

Teach your hiring team how to hire performing Salespeople and remove "I didn't feel this person" from your decision making process

Close candidates faster

By determining overlap scores before initiating a conversation, you can focus on cultural fit and fast-track your hiring process.

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