Why are we fighting the Sales hiring battle?

100s Salespeople hired later..

2 years ago, we founded, a Sales recruiting agency specialized in Sales roles, working mainly in North America & Europe.

We served 40+ clients helping them with their most crucial hires: Sales.

Some of the roles we helped them fill:

  • AE/AM
  • Sales Director
  • VP Sales
  • CRO

After all these hires, we saw a pattern: the best candidates, those who were as good during the interview as they were at making Sales, were constantly able to deep dive into their metrics, sharing precisely who they had been selling to so far, the ICP, persona, territory, sales motion, sales methodology, main challenges etc.

These people could easily show the overlap between what they had done in the past and what the company was looking for within their next hire.

So we started asking the same questions to everyone:

  • Who have you been selling to?
  • Average deal size?
  • Average sales cycle?
  • Segment?
  • Inbound VS outbound?
  • New VS existing business?
  • ICP?
  • Persona?
  • Territory?
  • Revenue generated?
  • Prospecting channels?

And it worked. BIG TIME.

With this line of questionning we did a few things:

  • Created a bias-free hiring process
  • Gave candidates a chance to showcase their actual achievements
  • Aligned our client's hiring process and decision-making with all the different stakeholders
  • Found the very best Salespeople in a sea of inauthentic and underwhleming candidates

So we started all of our hiring processes by asking these questions prior to hoping on a call.

Little did we know that we were then creating TrackRec.

The first and only place for Salespeople to share the most crucial information about their sales journey, fast-tracking their way to their next opportunity.

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