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The best Salespeople keep their TrackRec tight

Submit once, share extensively

Once your TrackRec is published, share it with any Hiring Managers of your choice to promote your story

Skip the line

Showcase the overlap between your experience and the requirements of the role you're applying to: deal size, sales cycle, ICP, Persona etc

Your career, your rules

Let recruiters know in advance what you need to consider a new position: OTE, desired title, location, benefits etc.

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Let your TrackRec do the talking

Numbers & facts

Track & share your own numbers throughout your entire career. Don't abandon them in your old companies' CRM.

The Specifics

Employers want to know that you're the best, and then, they need details: who have you been selling to? ICP? Persona? Markets? Location? Deal size? Sales cycle? Outbound? Inbound?

Make it extra-obvious

TrackRec helps you stand out with a detailed record of your sales victories, delivering substance and depth to your applications.

Make your next Sales role inevitable

How does it work?

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Create & share

Create your TrackRec account (3 minutes) and share your profile with employers of interest

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Get notified whenever a potential recruiter visits your TrackRec profile

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Show the overlap between your Track Record so far and the requirements for the role. Negotiate on your own terms.

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From the trenches

I don't send resumes anymore. My entire story is here and I look way sharper.

Jim Breton - Head of Sales

It's kind of like my Baseball card or my very own Jerry Maguire, TrackRec works for my career.

Abbie Kent - Enterprise AE

It was very repetitive to keep telling my story to multiple companies. With TrackRec, I elevate the conversation.

Johan Buff - Account Executive

Do believe the hype

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"It's the only way to recruit Salespeople moving forward. The standardization creates enormous opportunities for candidates and companies"



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"I see it as a win-win. When there's a match, the conversation we have is way more interesting and the process much faster."



VP Sales

"TrackRec shows a candidate's commitment and gives me a better understanding of who they are than anything else I've seen over the years."


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